The Yoga Cat Studio – Venue

At the Yoga Cat Studio

Your Consciousness Creates your Reality.

Established in January 2021, We now have four resident teachers with a regular weekly timetable.

A place where you can go deeper within…

With a huge 50m squared tranquil space, the venue is the perfect retreat from reality and not only suitable for Yoga, Spiritual and Personal Development practices… but many other Wellness related events and activities.

Now equipped with an Air Purifier, the studio is a place to feel secure from any virus and bacteria. A huge benefit to people who require an anti-allergic environment and also a rest bite for when Tenerife is dealing with the Calima.

LetiĀ the founder of the studio had a dream of creating a place full of beautiful energy, a place where students and teachers alike can focus on what really matters: To Be.

No matter if you are a student looking to attend a class, or a teacher looking to use the space, we look forward to welcoming you very soon.

The space currently has vacancies for events so please get in touch.

Address – The Yoga Cat Studio, 16 Avenida, Los Abrigos, TenerifeĀ 

Email Address: theyogacatstudio@gmail.com

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Contact Phone Number: +34 646 578 175