Sara Garrido Delgado

Resilient, Humble and Versatile

From Tenerife, I have refined my skills learning and teaching Yoga all over the world.

An experienced practitioner. I have been teaching all around the world, mostly in Australia, where I was living for 7 years. I had completed my 200h Vinyasa Teacher Training In Ubud, Bali and her 500h Hatha and Ashtanga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India.

Now, I am back home in the Canary Islands, I am looking to share my knowledge of Yoga, exploring the spiritual aspects, but also a focus on the movement of the body and its balance with the mind. An Eternal student I want to teach others but also learn from this islands great community.

Since my return to the island in March 2020, I have been organising activities and retreats to help people escape the pandemic and giving back to the community. I have been very lucky to setup a successful Yoga business, despite the difficulties of COVID.

Now, I’m teaching mostly Vinyasa and Power Yoga in hotels, schools, studios around the island.

Myself and my talented partner Ben have now started “Magmayoga” our yoga business where you can find our classes, workshops and retreats. Now, we are mostly focus on open air classes in El Duque and El Médano, where we would love to welcome you to.

Website: www.magmayoga.com

Email Address: info@magmayoga.com

Contact Phone Number: +34 627 638 438