Sara Garrido Delgado

Resilient, Humble, and Versatile

From Tenerife, I have refined my skills in learning and teaching Yoga all over the world.

An experienced practitioner. I have been teaching all around the world, mostly in Australia, where I was living for 7 years. I had completed my 200h Vinyasa Teacher Training In Ubud, Bali, and her 500h Hatha and Ashtanga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India.

Now, I am back home in the Canary Islands, I am looking to share my knowledge of Yoga, exploring the spiritual aspects, but also a focus on the movement of the body and its balance with the mind. An Eternal student I want to teach others but also learn from this island’s great community.

Since my return to the island in March 2020, I have been organising activities and retreats to help people escape the pandemic and give back to the community. I have been very lucky to set up a successful Yoga business, despite the difficulties of COVID.

Now, I’m teaching mostly Vinyasa and Power Yoga in hotels, schools, studios around the island.

I and my talented partner Ben have now started “Magmayoga” our yoga business where you can find our classes, workshops, and retreats. Now, we are mostly focused on open-air classes in El Duque and El Médano, where we would love to welcome you.

For more information on this teacher or to make a reservation for their class, please  contact info@tenerifewellnessnetwork.com or come and visit us at the Zen Den Co-Working office in Costa Adeje