Isabelle Castro

Meditative, Strength-building, Realigning 

I’m a Yoga Teacher focusing in Hatha and Vinyasa. I focus on enriching your personal practice.

I first encountered yoga and spiritual practice was when I was sixteen, through the practice of meditation and pranayama.

It was not until much later though that I really explored the meditative aspects of the physical practice of asanas. Starting first with the practice of ashtanga vinyasa, I have since explored different methods of practicing yoga with this meditative focus, settling on the Hatha method.

In August 2020 I completed my yoga teacher training in the Hatha and Vinyasa methods.

Traditional Hatha, being the root of all yoga practices is for me is the most well rounded and accessible of the methods for complete beginners, as a spiritual practice as well as physical.

Within my classes I focus on developing this well rounded practice so my students can enrich their personal practice and knowledge of yoga.

– Yoga Practitioner with six years experience.

– YTT 200 Hours Yoga Alliance Certification.