Ben Scharf

Dynamic, Disciplined and Light hearted

A true movement enthusiast, my experience has helped me refine my Yoga Teachings

I am a true movement enthusiast, teaching and practicing for many years in different sports. My sports degree helped me to gain a deep understanding of efficient and ergonomic body movement.

I have experience in teaching Yoga, Thai Boxing, Martial Arts Tricking, Parkour, Free- running, and Gymnastics.

After becoming a Yoga Teacher in 2019. I have been focusing on teaching Ashtanga,  Power, and Classic Vinyasa. I enjoy teaching these types because I can draw on my previous experience and integrate them into creative, dynamic, and powerful classes.

The right mindset plays an important role in every single person’s life. I believe we all need to train our bodies and our minds equally to keep them healthy. For me, Yoga is about learning how to bring forward the awareness needed to balance our body and mind.

In the last few years,  I have had the privilege to share my teaching in Australia and Indonesia. Where I was lucky to meet many other teachers and exchange skills.

I and my talented partner Sara have now started “Magmayoga” our yoga business where you can find our classes, workshops, and retreats. Now, we are mostly focused on open-air classes in El Duque and El Médano, where we would love to welcome you.

My passion and love for movement of the body and balancing that with the health of the mind has only been growing and I have shared these passions truly enriches my life. I am committed to getting more people, more active, more often on our beautiful Island.


Bachelor of Science in Sports Training

Diploma in Massage Therapy

200 Hour RYS Yoga Union Qualification

For more information on this teacher or to make a reservation for their class, please  contact info@tenerifewellnessnetwork.com or come and visit us at the Zen Den Co-Working office in Costa Adeje